SPSS Installation Instructions for macOS

This article applies to students who have been provided an SPSS license by their instructor. SPSS license codes are generated for specific versions of SPSS. For example, a code provided for SPSS 29 will not activate an installation of SPSS 28 and vice versa.

NOTE: macOS 14.0 Sonoma requires SPSS version 29.0.2 or later. If you were provided a license code for SPSS 28, please reach out to your instructor for support.

  1. Download the macOS SPSS installer from Canvas. You must choose the installer for the version of SPSS required for the license you were provided by your instructor.
  2. Open/run the installer. Continue through the installer steps using all of the default options, until the installation finishes.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Open the application named "SPSS Statistics".
  4. If you don't already have an active license on your computer, you will receive a window saying that no license exists. Choose "Launch License Wizard".Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. On the next window, make sure "Authorized user license" is selected, then click "Next".Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Enter the license code you were provided by your instructor, then click "Add", then click "Next".
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  7. SPSS will then attempt to activate your license. Once it is successful, click "Next".
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  8. On the next window you should see that the expiration date set for the following August. Click "Finish", and you will be prompted to restart SPSS.
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
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