Includes Qualtrics, JMP, SAS, FactSet, ExtendSim and more.

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ArcGIS - Basic Info

Saint Joseph's University's ArcGIS Portal can be found at

How to Download Videos from Kaltura

How to set up a Kaltura video for download using MediaSpace (

MatLab & Simulink

This article provides instructions for requesting Matlab to be installed on an SJU-issued computer and also how to install the software on a personal computer. - Kaltura MediaSpace: Download Media

Media owners and co-editors have the ability to download their own media files to any device. They also can decide what media files can be downloaded by others who have access to the videos. Kaltura media owners and co-editors can set those entries to be downloadable on a per-video basis.

ZyWave, Cyber OverVue

This article briefly explains what is ZyWave Cyber OverVue, who can use it and how to get help if needed.


This article helps students install and activate ExtendSim. This software is only for students who are actively enrolled in a class where the professor requires this software.