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Since several PA College applications and solutions will continue to remain active for an extended period time beyond the initial merger with SJU, there are times when an existing SJU user may require access to one of the these legacy applications.  In order to obtain access to any PA College applications or solutions, there is a request and thorough evaluation process that users must go through before any type of approval is given.  If the request(s) are approved, SJU users will have an independent PA College account created for them, which will require each user to set up an independent password in order to activate the account.


  1. You must have previously been approved to use the SJU VPN application, GlobalProtect.
  2. A request for the access to PA College resources will have need to have been submitted and approved.
  3. Once the user's PA College account has been created, the account activation and password reset email will be sent to the email address.  
  4. The user must have completed the new account activation and password reset process.
  5. Depending on the level of access a user requires, or the PA College application/solution they need to use, there may be other roles granted in order to provide the necessary access.

Steps to access the PA College system

  1. Connect to the SJU VPN GlobalProtect (Windows Instructions & macOS Instructions)
  2. Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  3. Enter the following URL:
  4. You will be shown the following screen:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. Select the "VMware Horizon HTML Access" option on the right (example below):Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. You will see the following screen.  Press "Accept":Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  7. The next screen you will need to log in using your new account:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  8. If for some reason you see a screen like this next, you will need to contact OIT so that alternate instructions can be provided:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  9. Once you've signed in with your new PA College account and password, you will be presented with a screen similar to this (it may not be identical):Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  10. Please click the "Windows 11 Greenfield" option once to launch a new virtual desktop.
  11. If you see a warning about "Your connection is not private", such as the example below, click the "Advanced" option:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  12. Next, click the "Proceed to........" (example below):Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  13. You may receive several prompts such as the following.  Please click "OK" for these:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  14. Your virtual desktop will look similar to this:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  15.  If you receive any additional prompts to log in to anything, you can cancel them.  Here are 2 examples:
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  16. Next, within this virtual desktop, open "Google Chrome".  A shortcut is on the desktop:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  17. If prompted, the first time you open Chrome, you may need to click "Got it" (example below):Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  18. Next, enter the URL address you need to sign into in order to access the PA College service.  For example, if you need to access Colleague, enter the following:
  19. If prompted, enter your password:
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Additional Questions?

Once you've made it this far, you'll need to work with your department on using the requested applications and services.  If any additional roles or access is required, you will need to have the supervisor of your department submit the request on your behalf with an description of what may still need to be assigned. 

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