Zoom Help Center - Weekly Training Webinars, Video Tutorials, Recorded Training Sessions

The Zoom Help Center offers several options for getting started with Zoom.

Weekly **LIVE** Training WebinarsFor an in-depth review of Zoom's services, register for a LIVE training webinar. Submit your questions and interact with the Zoom experts! All registrants receive a recording of the event. We encourage you to enroll in one of these sessions prior to your first class using Zoom.

Live Training topics include:

  • User Training - take a comprehensive tour of the Zoom software, meetings and settings. 90 minutes - multiple weekly recurrences
  • Room Training - Learn all about Zoom Rooms for your conference rooms from basic setup to hosting. 60 minutes - multiple weekly recurrences
  • Webinar Training - Become and an expert webinar host with detailed tips and best practices. 75 minutes - multiple weekly recurrences
  • Ask Me Anything - Join us each time for, demonstrations and best practices. 60 minutes - meets monthly

Zoom Video Tutorials

This section has short 1 - 3 minute video tutorials on Zoom basics such as joining and scheduling a meeting, and the meeting controls. audio, Video and Sharing tutorials are also available.


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