How SJU supports and delivers macOS upgrades


Each Fall, Apple releases new macOS upgrades for supported Mac hardware. During Apple's beta period each summer, the Office of Information Technology prepares for the new OS releases by testing our University applications, such as Banner, Canvas, and anti-virus protection (to name a few).

Starting with macOS Big Sur, OIT recommends upgrading to the latest version of macOS as it becomes available.

Installing Supported OS Upgrades

SJU's Office of Information Technology delivers software updates through an application called Managed Software Center. For more information, please see this article.

When a new OS upgrade is made available to University-owned Macs, it will show in Managed Software Center's 'Software' tab as an opt-in upgrade. Before installing this upgrade, please ensure:

  • You have a current backup of your computer with Code42.
  • Your computer is connected to a power outlet and the lid is opened.
  • You will not need to use your computer for a minimum of 45 minutes for the installation to complete.

After a set period of time, OIT will switch the macOS upgrade from opt-in to mandatory. Users will receive notifications from Managed Software Center about the impending deadline.

macOS upgrades will also appear in System Preferences > Software Update. It is safe to install through there, too, though OIT officially recommends Managed Software Center.

If you encounter software incompatibilities as a result of the OS upgrade, please contact the Technology Service Center for assistance.


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