About Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

What is the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub?

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (formerly known as the AirWatch Agent) is an officially supported application, deployed by Saint Joseph's University Office of Information Technology.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is deployed as part of our ongoing desktop security initiatives to allow OIT to more effectively and securely manage macOS / iOS devices.

If you have the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub installed, it will appear in your menubar like this:

The leftmost icon is the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

About the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub menu

Clicking on the icon in the menubar will show several options:

  • Sync Now initiates the synchronization process with the server. There is no need to do this manually, as it will happen automatically in the background.
  • Launch Intelligent Hub opens a panel with various diagnostic options. Please do not submit logs through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub unless asked to do so by OIT.

Software Updates

Periodically, the Intelligent Hub application might prompt you to install software updates from Apple. Traditionally, these updates were previously displayed in Managed Software Center, but are now handled by Intelligent Hub's notification system.

When an update is being prepared to install, you might see this notification:

When an update requires the computer to restart to complete installation, you will see this notification:

Intelligent Hub checks for updates every 2 hours. If an update is found that requires the computer to restart, you will have 2 hours to click Later or Restart Now. If you click Later, you will not be prompted to restart for 12 hours. The Later button can be clicked up to 7 times.

As these updates frequently contain security and bug fixes, OIT strongly recommends updating at your earliest convenience.


If you see a message that looks like the below screenshot, please contact the Technology Service Center for further assistance.


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