Network Connectivity

What is it?

IT Network Services maintains an extensive computing and communications network on all SJU locations.

To connect to the campus network via the wired network or Local Area Network (LAN), you'll need:

  • An active SJU account: You will need an SJU username and password to access the network. If you do not have an SJU account please contact the Technology Service Center (TSC) for more information.  If you do not remember your SJU password, instructions to reset it can be found in our knowledge base.
  • A Computer with an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter
  • An Ethernet Cable (RJ45): If you do not have one, please stop by the Technology Service Center in SC 129 and we can provide you with one.

Wireless networking allows SJU faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access SJU wireless resources securely from locations where wiring is not available. 

Who can use it?

This service is available to all Faculty, Staff and students of the University. 

Where can I access this service? Where is wireless available?

Wired data jacks are available in university computer labs and technology classrooms as well as all academic offices.  Each dorm is equipped with one jack per bed as well as in common areas (where applicable). 

Hawk Hill Location

SJU wireless is available in the following locations:

  • All Residence Centers, Campus Houses, and University Apartments & Townhouses, Pennbrook (Lancaster Court has a Non-SJU wireless network)
  • All buildings on the Main Campus: Alumni House, Barbelin/Lonergan, Barry Hall, Bellarmine, Boland, Bronstein, Bronstein Annex, Campion, Claver, Drexel Library, Field House, Haub Executive Center, Hagan Arena, Mandeville, Moore Hall (Facilities Mgmt. Office), The Perch, Post Hall, Post Learning Commons, Ramsay Basketball Center, Science Center, Wolfington, The Chapel of Saint Joseph, St Thomas, Regis Hall, Regis Annex, and St. Albert’s Annex (Loyola)
  • 5700 City Avenue (Career Development Center and Wolfington Welcome Center)
  • City Avenue 175, 183, and 225
  • Maguire Campus: Connelly Hall, Barnes Gallery Building, Duperreault Hall, Quinn Hall, Nicoletti Music Studio, O'Pake Sports Complex, Maguire Campus Commons, Gabriel Hall, Merion Hall, Fine Arts East, Cardinal Foley Center, Toland Hall, Windrim Hall
  • ELS
  • Gillin Boathouse
  • Starbucks, ROTC, The SJU Bookstore

University City Location

The EduRoam wireless network can be found everywhere on the University City campus.

To report a problem with a data jack in one of these locations, please click the service offerings to the right.


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