How do I print in black and white instead of color? (Windows)

As of now, there isn't a way for us to make all of your print jobs default to black and white.  Certain applications will always default to color if it detects any color present in the document.

The following instructions will help you make the change from color to black and white (as well as select stapling and other options), but may slightly differ between operating systems and different applications you may be printing from.

First, let's use Google Chrome and printing a Google Sheet as an example:

1) Open Google Chrome and log into your Google Drive.

2) Navigate to the Google Sheet you wish to print and open.

3) From the menu bar, you can either press the Printer icon, or select "File" and then "Print".

4) A print preview screen will appear.  Click "Next" in the top right corner once you've made any adjustments.

5) On the next screen, you will be prompted to select your printer.  Select "HawkPrint" (if it is not already selected). 

6) You will notice that if there is any color in your document, it may already have defaulted to Color. 

7) From the "Color" drop-down menu, change it from Color to Black and white.

8) Click "Print" and head to the printer to swipe your SJU ID when ready. 


Next, let's use Microsoft Word as an example:

1) Open your Word document.

2) From the menu, select "File".


3) Select "Print". 

3) If your print preview shows any color, then you will want to follow the next steps.  (If it appears in only Black and White, you already have the correct settings)

4) Click on "Printer Properties"

5) A new Xerox window will appear.  From the options, select "On" from the "Xerox Black and White" setting. (you can also select stapling and double-sided options from here, too)

6) Once you have selected your desired settings, click "OK"

7) Click "Print" from Microsoft Word. 

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