Canvas Support

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What is it?

SJU is moving to Canvas!  Canvas is SJU's future Learning Management System (LMS).  If you need assistance with Canvas, please utilize this service.

Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning easier.

If you think there is a global issue in Canvas or any of the integrated tools within Canvas, check the status pages here:




Google Drive:


Why Canvas?

  • Better, more fully developed LMS features

  • Breadth and depth of vendor partnerships

  • Strength of university references

  • Active, engaged user community

  • Stronger assessment and accessibility capabilities

Who can use it?

All SJU faculty and students currently teaching or enrolled in a course beginning in Spring 2018 will have access to Canvas.  

Where can I access this service?

If you are having technical problems in Canvas, please let us know by clicking the "Request Support" link to the right.