What is it?

Support request for issues with, questions about, or modifications to Slate, as well as support requests related to Slate user accounts.

Who can use it?

SJU employees with Slate accounts can request Slate support.

Slate "captains" or area representatives can request Slate Security support to create new users, modify existing users, or inactivate users. If you require a Slate user account, please contact the appropriate captain from the list below to have them submit the request:

Enrollment Operations: Gus DiStefano
Graduate CAS/SEHD Admissions: Lauren Weiss
Graduate HSB Admissions: Laura Cortese, Jon Dart
Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support: Alli Gatta, Victoria Priest
Marketing Communications: Gab Koval​​​​​​​
School of Health Professions Admissions: Aimee Viggiani​​​​​​​
Undergraduate Admissions: Abbey Morris, Mike Payne

Where can I access this service?

For general Slate support, click the Slate Support button to the right. For support with Slate user accounts, click the Slate Security Support button to the right. Slate Security requests not submitted by captains will be denied.



Request Support Slate Security Account


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