Academic Technology Request

What is it?

Use this service to request new academic technology or renew existing academic technology contracts/agreements. Academic technology is any software or hardware that supports teaching, learning, and/or research. To view software that we already utilize at the university, please visit our software catalog.

Each request received will be reviewed in detail and a determination as to whether or not to proceed with said request will be made based on use and the risks associated with the use of the product being requested. A response regarding the ticket status will be provided within three to five business days. Please be aware that a full response, including ability to use said application, may take 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the third party application being requested and the necessary time for adequate legal and technical review and academic leadership approval.

For capital requests or enterprise applications, submit an IT Project Request. Enterprise systems (e.g. Banner and Canvas) are software applications which manage data for core business and academic functions of the University. These systems have cross-department capabilities, are used by multiple departments and typically require integration with other University systems.

Who can use it?

All SJU Faculty and Staff.

Where can I access this service?

Click the green "Request Service" button to the right.

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