Student Printing - How To Determine Remaining Print Funds for Free Printing

How to Check Remaining Print Funds

Students are automatically granted a stipend of $40.00 each academic year at the beginning of the Fall semester.  Transfer students who start at another time of year would also receive the $40 print stipend. These funds are then available for printing in color or monochrome (black and white) in any of the public computer labs, dorms and other locations around campus that have Student HawkPrint printers.  

This is the print cost breakdown:

  • .25 per color page
  • .44 per duplex color page (duplex printing allows the printer to print on both sides of the paper, must be manually selected)
  • .05 per black and white page
  • .08 per duplex black and white page (duplex printing allows the printer to print on both sides of the paper, must be manually selected)

Students can check their remaining print funds from the mobileprint portal:


My Funds

  • Once you are logged in to mobileprint (MyPrintCenter) check the "My Funds" section in the lower left corner.

  • The "Free Print" value represents the remaining academic year allotment of funds that is granted at the beginning of the Fall Semester.
  • The "Flex Account" value represents your current Hawk Cash amount.
    • Note: If the "Free Print" allotment is used up, then print costs will then draw from the "Flex Account" fund which is your Hawk Cash account.

My Print History

To get a look at your print history--for example the documents you printed and what they cost, select the Activity tab (see below).








Hawkcard Transactions

If you would like to view the transactions on your SJU HawkCard, please visit

For instructions on how to use mobileprint, please see this article.




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