This category covers printing from within University computer labs, using the MobilePrint application from your mobile phone or web browser, registering your University ID for the first time, as well as other general information regarding free prints and printer locations.

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Pinned Article Student Printing - Using MobilePrint and the Print Center Website

This article provides instructions on how to use MobilePrint, which is available across both campuses for students to use for web-based printing.

Pinned Article Student Printing at SJU: Cost Summary

This article provides a quick summary of printing costs.

Installing a Network Printer on a Mac

Connect to a Network printer - Mac OS

Installing a Network Printer Using Windows 10

Connect to a Network printer - Windows 10

Mobileprint Error Messages

This article shows examples of several errors a student might receive when trying to log into Mobileprint.

Student Printing - How To Determine Remaining Print Funds for Free Printing

Learn how to find out how much print credit or HawkCash funds are still available to print at designated student printers around campus and also check to see how much each type of print job costs.