Student Printing at SJU: Cost Summary

The Office of Information Technology provides printers in different computer labs across both campuses.  These printers can be used by students using mobileprint, as well as allow students to print documents from the lab computers in the areas where printers are located.

You must be on campus and connected to the SJU network to use mobileprint.

Available Free Prints:

  • Students are allocated $40 for printing at the beginning of each Fall semester which they can use for the entire academic year.  One academic year consists of  Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.
  • Unspent funds do not carry over

Printing Costs:

  • A black and white single sided page costs $.05 per sheet.
  • A black and white duplex (double-sided) will cost $.08 per sheet.
  • A color single-sided page costs $.25 per sheet.
  • A color duplex (double-sided) will cost $.44 per sheet.

Exceeding the $40 allotment

  • If a student needs to print more than the $40 free print allowance in a single academic year,  he/she will need to add money to their print account for example through Hawk Cash. Information about your Hawk Card can be found in this article.
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