What is the cost of printing on campus & how many free prints do students get?

The Office of Information Technology provides printers in different computer labs around campus.  These printers can be used by students using mobileprint, as well as allow students to print documents from the lab computers in the areas where printers are located.

Free prints:

  • Students are allotted 200 free black & white prints per semester (including the summer).

Costs per print beyond the 200 free b&w pages:

  • One-sided black and white print: .08 cents per page
  • Double-sided black and white print:  .06 cents per page
  • Color print: Always .35 cents per page (not included in the allotted 200 free prints)

Maximum Color Pages Allowed:

  • The maximum per transaction cost is $7.00 which amounts to 20 color pages.
  • To print more than 20 color pages, simply range print in increments of 20 pages.  
    • For example to print 33 color pages:
      • First print pages 1 though 20
      • Then print pages 21 through  page 33.
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