Mobileprint Error Messages

Requirements for Mobileprint:

  • You must be on campus and connected to the SJU network to use mobileprint.
  • While most students use mobileprint from their personal computers, or from lab computers, you may also elect to use mobileprint from your mobile phone.
    • If you are using your mobile phone, you will need to be connected to the SJUWIRELESS,  eduroam, or sjudpsk wifi  (cellular data by itself will not find mobileprint).
  • If you're using an SJU lab, the lab computer will need to be plugged into the network.
    • You must log into the lab computer using your SJU username and password.

Examples of error messages that a student may get:

  1. The operation could not be completed. 'Your account is not active. Please contact a system administrator'  
    • You will need to be an actively enrolled student. 
      • If you are, have you recently changed your password?
        • What we have seen happen on occasion is that users have (out of convenience) cached their credentials in their favorite browser and then successfully used mobileprint with those cached credentials.  However, after a password change, the browser may still attempt to use (now obsolete) credentials causing the authentication to mobileprint to fail and eventually the user account will become "locked out" after too many incorrect login attempts.  This will cause the account to be locked out for 10 minutes per policy.
    • The solution is twofold:
      1. Allow the requisite 10-minute lockout period to pass.  (You can test this by signing into your SJU gmail and see that it works.)
      2. Check to see if you have any cached credentials (old passwords) and remove them from your browser.  
        • Alternatively, as a quick fix,  if the account is active again, try using a different browser that does not have any old credentials cached--perhaps even on a different computer
  2. The operation could not be completed. 'The system could not log you on'
    • This error is caused by entering your full email address.
    • The solution for this is to only enter your username (and password) when attempting to Log in.
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