About Jamf Connect

What is Jamf Connect?

Jamf Connect is an officially supported application deployed by Saint Joseph's University Office of Information Technology.

This utility adds an icon to your menu bar that keeps your SJU credentials securely synced with your university-provided Mac. It also adds shortcuts and other convenient features.

If you need help with Jamf Connect, please submit a service request.

Why are we using Jamf Connect?

All SJU users must change their password periodically. When you change your password in Azure, your Mac is not automatically aware of your new password.

Jamf Connect bridges this gap by keeping your Mac connected to your SJU account, and will detect when your password is changed. This helps you avoid annoying and repetitive Keychain prompts and other authentication frustrations.

Signing In

When you first boot up your Mac, you might see the Jamf Connect login window:

Please enter your SJU email address and password as you normally would. If you're offline, you can click the Wi-Fi menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and select a wireless network, or click the Local Login button at the bottom. If you click the Help button at the bottom, that will take you to this knowledge base article.

Note: if you use Passwordless Sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator, you will see prompts to sign in with that instead of your email address and password. Because the macOS still requires a username and password, you'll be prompted for that after logging in with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Once you're logged in, you might also be presented with the Jamf Connect login box:

This will open if you have never logged into Jamf Connect before, or if you've changed your SJU password in Azure and need to sync it with your Mac.

Menu Bar Icon

After logging in to your Mac, you'll also notice a menu bar icon for Jamf Connect:

If you click that, you'll be presented with several options:

  • username@sju.edu - This is the SJU email address that's connected to your Mac's account
  • Change Password... - This opens the Azure password change website
  • Reset Password... - This opens the Azure reset password website
  • Get Software - This opens Managed Software Center to help you install University provided apps
  • Get Help - This opens the SJU IT website to allow you to create and view service tickets, as well as use our knowledge base

Changing Your Password

Please follow these steps to change your password. You can also change your password by clicking the Change Password... item in the Jamf Connect menu:

Up to 60 minutes later, you'll see this notification from Jamf Connect that your Mac's account password is out of sync:

Click on the notification to fix this issue. This will allow you to login to your SJU Mac with your new password.

First, you'll be prompted to sign in to Jamf Connect with your new SJU password:

Then, you'll be prompted for your old SJU password:

Click the Sync button, and you're done! Next time you're prompted for your password on your SJU Mac, just use your new password.


While signing in to your Mac, you might see a brief progress bar before your Desktop loads. Please wait for the progress bar to finish.

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