Starfish is a collaborative effort between advising center staff, student support professionals and instructors at SJU to promote students success.

Articles (10)

Becoming Familiar with Starfish Homepage

A guide in accessing Starfish and becoming familiar with Starfish's homepage.

Direct Links to Calendars in Starfish

Create a link directly to a Service Calendar or personal Office Hours in Starfish.

Profile Set Up in Starfish

Setting up a user profile in Starfish.

Starfish Office Hours

Before you can set up your office hours in Starfish, you must configure your preferences. You can watch a video tutorial on configuring preferences and setting up Starfish Office Hours, or select the specific subtopic to learn more.

Syncing a Google Calendar with Starfish

Sync your Google and Starfish calendars to streamline the appointment scheduling process and avoid duplicative work.

Cancelling Office Hours

A guide to cancelling Starfish office hours.

Edit Office Hours

A guide to editing existing Starfish office hours.

Setting Up Office Hours

A guide to setting up Starfish office hours.