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Answers to common technology-related questions for SJU Faculty and Staff

Canvas is SJU's Learning Management System! Information on support and getting started can be found here.

Information related to software, audio visual technology, in classrooms, public areas, and conference rooms

Information on IT security including the ability to report a security incident and how to protect yourself.

Starfish is a collaborative effort between advising center staff, student support professionals and instructors at SJU to promote students success.

Zoom is SJU's Web Conferencing solution.

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Mersive Solstice Quick Guide

Mersive Solstice is a platform agnostic collaborative wireless presentation technology. Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously and share content without the need of plugging in or switching cables or inputs. The Solstice Pod, when installed in an presentation system, enables devices running Apple iOS, macOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows to wirelessly connect and display audio and video.