It is Saint Joseph's University's mission to be an "inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person." An important part of the mission is to make sure that all instructional materials and online courses are accessible to individuals with disabilities at the same time that they are available to any other student enrolled in that program.

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Pinned Article Interim Digital Accessibility Policy

Consistent with Saint Joseph’s University’s mission of striving to be an inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person, the University is committed to the Accessibility of the University’s digital Information Resources in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and this policy.

How do I edit automatic Closed Captions (CC) for Kaltura media?

Captions on your videos are no longer optional as of January 18, 2018. All of our online content, whether in a course or not, needs to be compliant with WCAG2.0 AA. WCAG2.0 AA is an addendum to the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act, and requires any entity that uses US Federal funding to make video content accessible to those with disabilities.

Overview of Captioning

Information on why and when captions are needed.

What is Kaltura Personal Capture and how do I get started using it?

Kaltura Personal Capture (also referred to as Kaltura Capture) desktop recorder is a new application which enables easy video creation anywhere by anyone.