Best practices and resources for online and face-to-face course development.

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It is Saint Joseph's University's mission to be an "inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person." An important part of the mission is to make sure that all instructional materials and online courses are accessible to individuals with disabilities at the same time that they are available to any other student enrolled in that program.


The use of images, videos, articles, etc. make your courses more engaging. However, in such cases, either the use of this content must be allowable under fair use or another appropriate exemption, or permission must be granted to use the material.

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Pinned Article Resources Available to Create Content

Resources for slide templates, images, colors, music, fonts, icons, etc.

How to Create Course Content

A list of commonly used tools for creating course content.

Key Terms

A list of key terms and definitions commonly used in the course development process.

How do I share a film, DVD or a stream with my class?

These items must be considered before including any media in your course.