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Information about your SJU password, account, system access (including VPN), and network drive/share requests
G Suite is a set of integrated collaboration and productivity tools which include email, calendaring, document sharing, cloud-based storage, and more.

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Answers to common questions for SJU Faculty and Staff
Answers to common questions students have during move-in weekend and the first few weeks at Hawk Hill!
Information related to software, audio visual technology, in classrooms, public areas, and conference rooms
Information on desktops, laptops, printing and other computer hardware
Information on SJU email, calendar, ZOOM, and other productivity services
Information on Canvas, Blackboard Learn and other software used for teaching and learning
Information on connecting a computer or device to the SJU network
Information related to Phones, Voicemail, and Audio Conferencing
Information on how to request a project (new software/technologies) or a change to software/technologies already in use on campus
Information on IT security including the ability to report a security incident and how to protect yourself.
Information on University software
Information on SJU websites, website design, or website access
General requests for technical help and/or advice

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How do I hide the grade distribution graphs from students in my Canvas course site?

How do I hide the grade distribution graphs from students in my Canvas course site?

By default, Canvas allows students to see grade distribution graphs for each assignment. This means is that students can view their score, the high score, the low score, and the mean for each individual assignment. If you do not want your students to see this data, follow the instructions below: