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What is Bridge? What's it used for? 

Bridge is SJU's employee learning management system where you can find modules, live trainings, meeting agendas, and much more. Bridge is also used for staff and administrative performance evaluations. 

Please review the guides in the Knowledge Base here as well as the course "Getting Started in Bridge" to learn more.

If you have any questions or issues with Bridge, please submit a ticket here.


Glossary of Terms

  • Achievements
    • Accomplishments throughout the year that you want to highlight during the performance review conversation
    • Can be added to your own account, or managers can add these to their direct reports
  • Agenda items
    • Topics to be discussed in a meeting
    • Found in either a group or 1:1 agenda
    • Can be added by anyone with access to the agenda
  • Agenda section
    • Meeting title
    • Tasks and items are in each section
    • Easily titled by date, but this field is editable so you could also title each section by project or initiative
    • Don’t forget to click “complete agenda” at the end of every meeting! Bridge will archive any notes and add 1:1 meetings to your History timeline
  • Goals (for staff and administrators only)
    • Annual goals for the performance process
    • Should be written/titled in “SMART” format
    • Goals in Bridge are not tied to the date/year! When a goal is marked complete, it will disappear. If the goal was not completed during the year in question, it will remain active and available moving forward (until it’s completed).
      • This way, goals are focused much more on personal and professional development instead of an institutional timeline.
    • Description
      • Add any description or additional information to your goal here – how can you share your results/expertise? Who can you connect with/network with on campus or in your field to improve/enhance this initiative?
    • Status
      • Track the status of your goal throughout the year
      • Options: Completed, On Track, Behind, Not Started, Watching, Incomplete, Cancelled
    • Goal subtasks
      • Smaller steps within your goal that will help you achieve the larger goal
      • “Action items”
    • Notes
      • Use this section to add comments or other things you’d like to keep in mind regarding this goal – obstacles, collaborators, needs, etc. so that the performance conversation is more robust (and you don’t have to recall everything in the moment!)
    • Not yet launched: Alignment, Weight
  • History
    • Visual timeline of everything you’ve done and logged in Bridge throughout the year – this is one section that will make performance conversations MUCH easier and more robust each year!
  • Learning
    • Section of Bridge for both modules and live sessions
    • Modules and sessions can be either mandatory or optional
      • Feel free to browse the training catalog – we’ll be continuing to build out content throughout the year!
  • Tasks
    • Deliverable items that have been assigned to you
    • Can be big or small
    • Must be directly assigned to a person
    • Can be given a due date
      • The responsible person will receive email reminders as the due date approaches or if the task is overdue
    • At the end of the year, tasks can be pulled into your performance conversation



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