Table of Contents: Learning to Use Workday


Below is a list of all the available training materials and reference materials to help you get to know and use Workday. 

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Keep checking back as more training materials, FAQs, and workshops will continue to be added!

Overview resources

Table of Contents by Topic

Getting to Know Workday

Personal Information



Banner to Workday Finance Crosswalks



Procurement & Purchasing

Student Employment

Time, Absence, & Leaves

Travel and Expense Reimbursement

Workday for Managers


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What's NOT in Workday?

Launching in Workday this Spring:

  • Recruiting and hiring new employees – Phase 3 of implementation, launching in May 2024!
  • Staff (non-union) performance evaluations, launching May 6
  • ADA Accommodations requests
  • Hybrid work agreements
  • Tuition remission forms

Not moving to Workday at this time:

  • Employee learning & compliance will remain in Bridge
  • Retirement plan updates - retirement contributions can be seen in Workday, but updates will still need to be made via the TIAA website
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